SPUTNIC Charter for a better Public Transport

European cities face major challenges nowadays in the following fields: social cohesion; environment and sustainability – especially the impact of climate change; rising competitiveness in the context of globalisation; the new global energy situation; and the financial and economic crises.

A sound Public Transport system can clearly and veritably mitigate the negative effects of the above described challenges and bring community benefits together with individual mobility chances.

The SPUTNIC Consortium has worked for three years exploring challenges and best practices for transitional economies, with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, and pledges persons involved and interested in Public Transport to sign the below “SPUTNIC Charter for a better Public Transport”.

This document with all signatures shall be handed over to European Commission representatives at the SPUTNIC Final Conference on 3 July 2009 in Brussels.

The signatories ask the European Commission services to:

  • Establish a coherent and sustainable transport policy on EU level while guaranteeing consistency of objectives and funding across Directorate General
  • Ensure a coordination of public transport, roads development and integration with networks for non-motorised modes with optimisation of the public transport network
  • Set up modal shift planning with follow-up actions while respecting the subsidiarity principle
  • Create legal certainty in the sector for operating companies
  • Enhance and extend EU-wide Public Transport awareness and information campaigns
  • Award best practice in modal shift towards sustainable travel modes

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